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3 Ejes

3 Axis of Chile , 2013 Vintage

“3 Wines Which Reflect The Diversity of Chile”

Chile is a long and narrow country, a country where the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean are almost visible at the same time; this is how the idea of making three different wines from three large wine regions originated, as a trip which invites us on a journey to traverse Chile from North to South. Thirty wineries worked on three unique and different wines, three identities, three creative original approaches which give us flavors, textures and unique styles which allow us to recognize the characteristics and the unique personality of each Axis-Zone.

The challenge was to obtain an “identity of each variety”: ten vineyards produced one Cabernet Sauvignon grown at the foot of the Andes Mountains, another ten wineries developed a Carménère produced in the center of the valleys and another 10 wineries produced one Syrah by the coast near the Pacific ocean.

ANDES MOUNTAIN ➢ Cabernet Sauvignon



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