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50 Barrells of Chile

50 Barrels of Chile, 2012 vintage

A Wine to celebrate twenty years of the Re Discovery of Carmenere in Chile.

50 Wineries, 50 Winemakers, 50 Barrels = 1 Wine

The idea was conceived to render a homenaje to the Carmenere variety, supposedly extint in the world and re-discovered in Chile twenty years ago, specifically on November 24th of 1994.

This wine integrated for the very first time in one bottle the best  fifty wineries of this emblematic variety for our country. The challenge was to make an authentic and modern Carmenere of Chile, a wine with great expresion, fresh fruit and spices, which will respect some herbal notes which are characteristic,“a wine that will not  exhaust “, of very good structure with a balanced contribution of  wood that helps percieve the elegance , vibrant acidity and velvety mouth.




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